We're really stuck... The Work Rota

Not all of the rotas are for The Guard House. Make sure you check the 'Location' in the top right.

We need the answer... The Work Rota

fri2am-4am This is the slot that the three guards working the guard house have uncovered.

Phone Call Transcript

It’s me, Jesse. Today’s the day. It’s our only opportunity. I’ve arranged for a satchel to be passed to you shortly. Keep an eye out. There’s two things you’re going to need to do if we’re going to make this work. First, get a glimpse of the duty rota so we know when the guard house will have minimal staff. Second, Shaun owed me one, so I’ve sorted out a phone for you so we can communicate. It’s in the bogs. Get in touch once you have it. Speak soon.

We need the answer... Getting The Phone

52 x2 and then +4. 3 (x2, +4) 10 (x2, +4) 24 (x2, +4) 52 (x2, +4) 108

We're really stuck... Getting The Phone

The pattern includes two steps. A multiplication and then an addition.

We only need a hint... Getting The Phone

It's a mathmatical sequence. There is a pattern to the numbers.

We only need a hint... Escape The Cell

A bullseye... Bobby Moore, a score...

We're really stuck... Escape The Cell

There is something in your satchel that will help you, once you understand what all of the pictures are. It looks like you have five numbers that need to be put into an equation to get an answer.

We need the answer... Escape The Cell

2519 Cockney Rhyming Slang Bullseye = 50 Monkey = 500 Ayrton Senna (Tenner) = 10 Bobby Moore (Score) = 20 Lost and Found (Pound) = 1 Apply the mathmatical symbols from the satchel and you get: 50 x 500 ÷ 10 + 20 - 1 = 2519

We only need a hint... The Plans

The series of numbers in the satchel are related to the cell blocks.

We're really stuck... The Plans

The numbers correlate to the matching letter of the alphabet. A=1 B=2 C=3 etc. What happens once you only have the cell blocks with the numbers that have been mentioned?

We need the answer... The Plans

3157 After keeping only the cell blocks with letters that have been mentioned by number, you are left with a code when you look at it:

We only need a hint... Change Of Plan

A simple wordsearch. There is only 1 word in it.

We only need a hint... Disable The Alarm

X Marks the spot.

We're really stuck... Change Of Plan

The word goes diagonally downwards and right.

We're really stuck... Disable The Alarm

The letters are in pairs. Each row has two sets of pairs.

We need the answer... Change Of Plan


We need the answer... Disable The Alarm


We only need a hint... New Escape Route

Give the number a call and listen to the instructions.

We only need a hint... The Way Out

What language are these words in?

We're really stuck... Organising The Get Away

How about Googling 'Gibberish Translator'? You might end up with... https://mybigmonkey.com/gibberish/ Once you send Dave an email, you'll get a response. You've already been told which prison you're in. You'll need that again to calculate the distance from where Dave is.

We're really stuck... New Escape Route

There's something in your satchel that will help!

We need the answer... Organising The Get Away

15 Entering the email address into https://mybigmonkey.com/gibberish/, you will get the email of: davethedodgydriver@gmail.com. You'll need to send an email to this account and you'll get one back straight away. It might go into your spam or junk folder. Dave's reply says he is at 'Lake Livingston / Onalaska KOA Holiday, Texas, USA'. You were told in the introduction that you're currently an inmate at 'TDCJ Polunsky Unit, Texas, USA'. Looking on Google Maps, you can see that these are 15.2 miles away. You can see the route here. Don't forget to round the answer to the nearest mile, which makes 15.

We need the answer... New Escape Route

f Once you've called the number and listened to the voicemail, you'll need to use the key provided in the satchel.

  • Canteen - Purple
  • Gym - Yellow
  • Block H - Blue
  • Laundry - Black
  • Medical Room - Green
  • Courtyard - Orange
The sequence is F.

We only need a hint... Across The Courtyard

That message looks like it's a reflection. Have you got a mirror to hold up to the screen? Or even your phone screen (while it's locked) wil show you the reflection.

We only need a hint... Organising The Get Away

There are two parts to this puzzle. The first is getting hold of Dave. Remember, the email address is gibberish...

We're really stuck... The Way Out

https://translate.google.co.uk/ Try putting the words in here.

We're really stuck... Accross The Courtyard

There's a snippet of a constitutional ammendment in your satchel. Someone has spilt coffee on it but it looks to be... the 5th ammendment?

We need the answer... The Way Out

seven Putting 'Zamierte na bránu sedem' into Google Translate, you'll find it says 'aim for gate seven'.

We need the answer... Across The Courtyard

crime The message says that the fourteen word in the key constitutional ammendment is the important one. Using the internet, you can work out that the ammendment in your satchel is the 5th. Counting to the fourteenth word of that ammendment, you will find that it is 'crime'.

We only need a hint... The Correct Poem

We know which poem we need to help us crack the code. Surely that thing in the satchel with L and W on it must mean something?

We only need a hint... Dave's Car

Looks like an anagram?

We're really stuck... Dave's Car

The answer has the word Dave in it!

We're really stuck... The Correct Poem

You can find an online copy of the poem by clicking here. The L and W relate to 'Line' and 'Word'. Where do the lines and words take you?

We need the answer... Dave's Car

donttrustdave 'road student tv' is just an anagram of 'don't trust dave', once you remove the spaces, you'll have the password.

We need the answer... The Correct Poem

306 Use the lines and words to pull out words from the poem. Line 30, word 1 = 47 Line 12, word 2 = multiplication (multiply) Line 9, word 5 = 6 Line 7, word 6 = addition Line 32, word 1= 3 Line 12, word 2 = multiplication (multiply) Line 6, word 1 = 8 Put the above sum into a calculator and the answer is 306!

We only need a hint... The Airfield

Looking South from TDCJ Polunsky Unit, Farm to Market 350, Livingston, TX, USA, you'll see a town beginning with 'C', if you look for airfields around that area you will find one.

We're really stuck... The Airfield

The entrance to the airfield can be seen by clicking here.

We need the answer... The Airfield

7675 Once you've found the entrance to the airfield here, you just zoom in on the 'Cleveland' sign and you'll see the population is 7675.

We only need a hint... The Work Rota

Using the rotas, you will find a missing gap.


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