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Beer Burros are enchanting miniature donkeys ready to elevate your wedding or event experience. These delightful donkeys each sport two exquisite baskets, thoughtfully filled with your selected beverages, poised to delight your guests.

Our "Sweet Ass Servers" go beyond mere drink carriers; they offer a wealth of photo opportunities and selfie moments that will make your celebration truly unforgettable. These endearing animals are trained to exude gentleness and friendliness, making them the ideal companions for any outdoor gathering.

What Are Beer Burros/Wedding Donkeys?

The Sweet Ass Story

It all started with Courtney and Masten’s first Sweet Ass, Luna. At just 3 days old her mother was no longer letting her feed, so they started bottle feeding her. Every day she greeted them when they woke up (she watched for the lights to come on) and when they return from work- if they didn’t pay a visit, she was sure to let them know her feelings on it.

Three years later Ashley and Andy came on the scene. Ashley has been working with our Sweet Ass Servers since the start. From events to routine care Ashley and Andy quickly fell in love with each one’s personality. They now wake up to Luna and the rest of the crew asking for cookies each morning. 

Together we have expanded to have 10 Sweet Ass Servers and an amazing team of handlers across the state of Texas who look forward to making your next event fun and memorable.

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